We’ve got a mad case of the runs!

Before we talk about the crawls, we’re PROUD to announce that we have acquired two new runs: The Sparks Shamrock Shuffle and The Great Santa Dash from our partners at Athlete in You! Some people may not know yet, but in addition to the amazing bar crawls we organize, we’ve started organizing fun runs! The organization Athlete in You has been an integral part of our development of the Arch Rivals Superhero Run and the No-Brainer All Zombie Run, so it’s a great honor that we get to add these events to our lineup. This also means that we’ll be able to do things like create a race series with our signature Crawl Reno touch, so keep an eye out.

We’re also making some changes with our runs. First off, we’re not holding our fun runs on crawl days anymore. Earlier this year we asked our community whether you wanted to keep them together or move them apart and the overwhelming response was supporting this change. In addition, we’ve learned a lot about our community and our strengths- we know how to get people to come out and party in costumes. So, not to lose the party aspect, we’ll be hosting our runs at 4pm and following them each with awesome after parties with food & drink specials, costume contests and awards. It’s going to be the first time anyone said they were grateful to get the runs.

Registration just started for the Leprechaun Crawl, and through Monday you can get a screaming deal on it so head over now!

We started two new events!

As many people now know, we’ve started a Mardi Crawl! This year it’s on January 30th, and every year it will be held between the last Saturday of January and the second Saturday of February, in order to keep it before Lent (Mardi Gras is held in order to get all your sinning in before you have to start fasting!) yet still early enough that you can get a rest before the quickly-growing Leprechaun Crawl!

Our second new event is the Epic Crawl & Massive Lightsaber battle on May 21st! The Epic Crawl will always focus on Fantasy & Sci-Fi, giving you a chance to dress as your favorite characters from TV, Movies and Video Games- but each year we’ll give it a different theme. This year it’s obviously STAR WARS.

Some of your favorite events have moved a bit: Pajama Crawl has headed to warmer times in April, the Pirate Crawl is now in August and the Steampunk Crawl has moved to November. We’re putting the Vampire Crawl on hiatus because interest in the genre has seemed to wane in recent years.

Our official list of dates for 2016!

Head over to our events page for more info!