Some of the biggest and definitely the best bar crawls in the nation.

Upcoming Crawls & Fun Runs


2016 Epic Crawl & Lightsaber Battle

Harrah's Outdoor Plaza
Downtown Reno, NV

Movies, TV, Video Games, Sci Fi and Fantasy!

For the first time EVER, Crawl Reno is creating an EPIC bar crawl celebrating all things geek! Do you have a favorite cosplay …

Reserve your cup and lightsaber online now!

2016 Arch Rivals Reno Superhero Run

City Plaza
Downtown Reno, NV

Heroes & Villains Compete, then Party Together!

At the Arch Rivals Run you can live out your dreams over the course of five kilometers. Be Superman or Lex Luthor. Be Spiderman. …


2016 Reno Pirate Crawl

Start Location Announced Soon!
Downtown Reno, NV

The Largest Pirate Bar Crawl ANYWHERE!

The Reno Pirate Crawl is the biggest event of its kind! Imagine thousands of Pirates having a blast together enjoying drink specials, costume contests, PIRATE …

Cups and Maps will go on sale by mid-July!

2016 No-Brainer All-Zombie Run

Reno Arch
Downtown Reno, NV

Part of the Reno Zombie Invasion!

Have you ever been buried, rose from the dead, then run (or walked, or shuffled) five kilometers through a downtown urban environment with hundreds of …

Registration Opening Soon!

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