What? Non-Alcohol Drinks at a Bar Crawl?

When you show up March 16th for the Official Reno Leprechaun Crawl you’re not just going to see our standard affordable prices & discounts on your favorite beers, spirits & canned favorites at our 23 venues that night! This year we’re adding Non-Alcohol specials to the crawl map!

More Than Just Drinks – Crawl Reno Events are the Best Night Out Every Time

Crawlers, you know that there’s WAY more reasons to come out to our world-famous bar crawls than just the alcohol! We work hard to craft an evening full of everything that makes a night out epic: the venues are full of fun people, each map has tons of special features highlighted like which bars have dancing, food, live entertainment and who’s doing special activities like karaoke, games and contests too. And just the spectacle of thousands of people in costumes makes it AWESOME out there!

We’ve heard from crawlers and crawlunteers for years who tell us they don’t drink but still LOVE our events! So it’s way past time that we created specials for THEM! Or, for when you want another drink but don’t feel like having any booze in it!

That’s right, drinks that won’t get you buzzed! Who woulda thunk it!

This probably isn’t surprising to you, since googling something like “The Rise of the Mocktail” will bring up tons of articles indicating that people want more options when they go out!

Ten years ago, Crawl Reno’s organizers spent the whole year alcohol-free (chronicled in an article titled “The Year of Living Soberly” in the Reno News & Review) and it taught us a lot about what it was like back then to go to bars if you weren’t drinking alcohol.

Since then it’s become a lot more popular, leading to tons of more options in the realm of Mocktails (alcohol-free cocktails), non-alcoholic beers, wines and even spirits.

Check out the 2024 Reno Leprechaun Map for new N/A Specials

There are 8 highlighted Alcohol-Free specials on this crawl and we’ll have more on our future events! Each special is marked with a blue star. You’ll get a paper version of the map when you pick up your crawl cup so you can plan your evening on March 16th! See you all out on the crawl!

What do you think?

Are you excited about this new addition of Alcohol-Free specials?