Our Upcoming Crawl Calendar is almost ready!

Hey Crawlers! We’re finishing plans for our first round of crawls for this year and we want your input!

First, have you reserved your room & cups for the 2019 Reno Leprechaun Crawl coming March 16th? If not, GO DO THAT! We will wait.

OK, now that you’re ready, here’s a list of the crawls we’ll be putting up later this week! If you know of a conflict or want to suggest something, do so ASAP before the dates are all set in stone!


Of course you know that the Leprechaun Crawl is coming in a few weeks- as for the rest of the dates, we will go into more detail below.

You will see some old favorites returning (YAY!) and you will see some gaps where we previously had events. Let us know what you think at the bottom of the page!


6/1/19: Pride Crawl

Once again this year we are planning to support Northern Nevada Pride and Our Center for a pride-centric crawl- this year it will be on June 1st, the official kickoff to Pride Month! It’s an honor for us to put this on and support our community! We’re considering some different ideas for this year but if you have any ideas use the form at the bottom of the page to send them our way!

7/13/19: Superhero Crawl

We’re back to running the Superhero Crawl! It’s the oldest Superhero bar crawl in the known universe and the good folks over at Reindeer Charities have been kind enough to work out a deal where we will be putting it on from now on! We ran that crawl 2011-2015 and got really attached to it. We plan to bring back the cosplayers and all the stuff you guys told us you missed!

8/17/19 Pirate Crawl

We’re currently working on getting set up for another AMAZING pirate crawl this year with another gorgeous encampment and *hopefully* some heavy hitters from the cinematic pirating world!

10/26/19 Zombie Crawl

Our OG event. The one that got us hooked. The Zombie Crawl is going to be badass this year!

2/8/20: Onesie Crawl

Since onesies are cozy AF, and February is generally chilly, we’re moving the onesie crawl to 2020 so we can really make you guys proud. We’ve got a good amount of time now to plan a super comfy event!



If our faithful community of crawlers is interested, we are looking at 05.04.19 (better known as May the Fourth!) to put on another Epic Star Wars Crawl! Let us know if you’re down!


This one is definitely going to happen but the question is when! This year, the Harry Potter themed Pokemon-Go type game, Wizards United, is scheduled to launch, but we don’t know when it will come out yet! Once there’s a release date we will set a date for the Potter Crawl!

But guys, what about your other crawls?

The following crawls are still being evaluated. We’re also considering throwing some or all of them as single-venue theme parties!

  • Steampunk
  • Tipsyland
  • Mardi Crawl

Now, what do you think?