“It’s nine years into the zombie invasion, only one city is left- because they never ran out of booze.”

Four survivors make their stand as 15,000 zombies approach searching for brains… and $3 drink specials!

It seems that years of partying in the Crawl Capital (with occasional trips to survive a week revelry in the desert) have given our citizens stamina like no other.

Designed by illustrator-extraordinaire Michael Grimm, the image incorporates some of our iconic landmarks like the historic Reno Arch, while also stitching in a new one: the letters of Jeff Schomberg and Laura Klimpton’s “Believe” sculpture our heroes are standing on have fallen to spell “LIVE”.

Woven throughout the image are subtle references to local events, performers and zombie movies and shows. It’s a blood-splattered love letter to the best city to crawl in, to celebrate in and live in.

Keep an eye out to see these popping up around Reno and select other cities in the next couple weeks, and we’ll see you October 22nd to RISE!

NOTE: The theme isn’t meant to dictate that people don’t dress as zombies- WE NEED THOUSANDS OF ZOMBIES OR THERE’S NO ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! It’s just something fun to give people ideas if they want to run with it.