Let’s all take ourselves to the very much anticipated crawl night. You have been crawling all night, you’ve hit all your favorite spots, saved a ton of money because you were smart and bought a cup, now you’re tired, probably drunk, and just want to go to sleep. Before this epic night, you were smart and reserved a discounted hotel room right downtown, so you’re just a short walk away. Because you decided to be a brilliant human being, these are the things you will not have to deal with and some perks:

  • Trying to get an Uber/Lyft/cab at the same time everyone else is trying to get one.
  • Uber and Lyft surcharging you. And if that doesn’t seem like a big deal now, just remember that Uber’s surcharge can legally get up to $57 per minute. So that 10 minute drive home could potentially cost you $570. Yikes.
  • You won’t be faced with the decision to drink and drive when Uber/Lyft is charging you $57 per minute.
  • If you decided to drink and drive, you will be slapped in the face with a DUI, jail time, and all the fines, lawyer fees, and consequences that go with it.
  • You won’t need a designated driver to miss out on all the drink specials and shenanigans, because no one needs to drive! (Note: I didn’t say miss out on all the fun, because being a DD is very fun and rewarding)
  • You can leave your car at the hotel you are staying at, and drive it home in the morning. No need to make someone take you to your car in the morning because you spent $570 on an Uber/Lyft and left your car downtown.

Discounted Hotel Room Codes:

Sands Regency $60 SAT
Call 1-866-386-7829. Use Code: FANTASY516

Circus Circus Reno $69 FRI $79 SAT $35 SUN
Call 1-800-648-5010 or book online here. Use Code: IEPIC16

Note: If you think it’s not working, it probably is. So take a look at our step-by-step guide on how to use the hotel codes before you freak out.

– The Intern