To be honest, trying to survive a zombie apocalypse the old fashioned way seems like a TON of work. You’d have to:

  1. Have some sort of defense mechanisms, baited traps, or weapons
  2. Most likely use said defense mechanisms, baited traps, or weapons
  3. Load up on tons of non-perishable goods
  4. Find a relatively secure shelter
  5. Fight off and outsmart zombies (that just sounds like a mess waiting to be cleaned up)

And is all of this really worth it if Donald Trump becomes president? (I’m mostly kidding).

Here at Crawl Reno, we feel the best strategy is to just dress up as a zombie (or wear whatever the hell you want). Then go bar hopping and check out all of the fun things happening at each location.

Or in other words… CRAWL

Just don’t be an idiot:

  • Avoid long lines or you will be exposed to the “real” zombies for far too long. You also may get way too sober if you are drinking.
  • Don’t lose your cup or you won’t be able to take shelter in 1Up and other clubs without paying the doorman (you also won’t get drink specials or free sodas for our DDs out there) (OR be able to take part in contests, games, and other fun events).
  • If you want a slightly more long-term shelter to figure out your bearings, get a discounted hotel room downtown at Circus Circus, Eldorado, Sands Regency (SOLD OUT!), or Silver Legacy.
  • Finally, try not to lose your map because it shows where you can get food specials and literally everything else. In the event that you do lose your map, just visit our website to see a virtual one.


Let the infestation begin and get ready to play dead!