Do you know where you’re going to start the crawl on Saturday? You’ve got 3 choices and they’re all awesome, so we’ll give you all the info you need to make a decision!


All of these bars will have tons of giveaways for you to collect, $3 drink specials and quality entertainment so it may be tough to choose, so good luck!

Start Bars

What is a start bar? They’re spots where you can find our Crawl Reno cup tables from 7-10pm.

The Jungle

at 246 W 1st St


  • $3 Get Poked (vodka, melon, 7up)
  • $3 Deschutes


  • Will have 4 charging stations!
  • Costume contest: 12 midnight Best Male and Female Pokémon WIN $25 Gift Certificates
  • Serving food!
  • DJ Alfajor

This is the first time the Jungle has been a start bar, so let’s make sure to show them some support! A downtown staple, the Jungle consists of an eclectically-decorated coffee shop and bar located right on the Truckee River. They were one of the very first businesses in Reno to embrace Pokémon GO and it’s players, so we decided it was a great place to add as a start bar.

If you’re on Team Mystic, you’ll dig that they’ll have a photo booth set up for you to snap a pic of you and your crew. In addition they’ve got 3 Pokéstops and a gym right around them, so you’ll be able to catch a ton of Pokémon while you sip some drinks! Make sure to tell DJ Alfajor happy birthday 🙂

Harrah’s Outdoor Plaza

at the corner of Virginia and Commercial Row


  • $3 Monster Punch (flavored rum w/ assorted fruit juices)
  • $3 Blue Moon or Coors Light draft
  • We’ve heard they’ll have some $2 Red Bull drinks too!


  • Live Band: Spazmatics
  • Food trucks!

Harrah’s outdoor plaza, right by the historic Reno Arch, has been a start bar for several of our crawls. Their plaza holds a good number of people so you can chill with a big group and check out a live band- they’ll have the Spazmatics playing on Saturday and they’re a blast!

We’ll have a Team Instinct photo booth there, so if you’re all decked out in Yellow make sure to run by with your friends and get a photo! They’ve got a ton of Pokéstops around them and a gym that’s at the Reno Arch!

Rum Bullions inside the Silver Legacy

at 407 N Virginia St.


  • $3 Pikachu Punch (Pineapple Rum Punch)
  • $3 Bulbasaur’s Beer
  • $3 Lemon Jello Shots


  • Live Band: Flock of 80z & DJ Kronik

Rum Bullions is located on the second floor of the Silver Legacy, not far from Check-in. That’s great since we’ve got a 20% off discount code to book rooms there! We’ll have our cup table set up on the Mezzanine near the bar at the top of the stairs. If you’re a fan of the 80’s, make sure to set aside some time to dance to Flock of 80z, or swing by later for DJ Kronik!

Our Team Valor photo booth will be set up in the front as you enter and it looks awesome! According to our sources there’s 4 Pokéstops in Silver Legacy and another 4 in or around the Eldorado which it’s attached to!

So there you have it- the comprehensive guide for starting your 2016 Reno PokéCrawl like a BOSS. Have fun and we’ll see you there!