St. Patrick’s Day is the day for wearing green, feeling lucky, and drinking like you grew up in Ireland. If you plan on taking part in the festivities, have you thought of where you can drink without “Dublin” the price?

We’ve got the answer for ya.
If you think about it, downtown Reno thrives around holidays and big events. Bars are crawling with drink specials to keep you around as long as they can. On a day dedicated to drinking, the bars are not going to turn down the opportunity to pack in customers.
To save yourself a headache, you’ll want to find bars with:
1. Great Crowd Control
2. Cheap Drink Deals
3. Close Distances of One Another
No one likes standing in lines or fighting their way to the bar. If a bar has great deals, they’ll more than likely be swarming with patrons. So if you can find bars that are familiar with large crowds, they’ll show you the best time. You’re also going to want to be in an area where bar hopping is possible. This means walking distance once you’ve had a couple drinks.
If you’re not convinced that downtown Reno is the best place to celebrate the luck of the Irish, take a look below. All bars listed will be participating in our 2018 Leprechaun Crawl and meet our three suggestions above!
Leprechaun Crawl Bars
1. The Jungle
2. 3rd Street Bar
3. The Library
4. Faces NV
5. West 2nd Bar
6. Sapphire Lounge – Harrah’s Casino
7. Thai Corner Cafe
8. Pizza Reno
9. The Little Nugget
10. 5 Star Saloon
11. 1Up
12. Tonic Lounge
13. Imperial Bar & Lounge
14. Our Bar
15. The Stick
16. The Rack
17. Silver Baron Lounge, Rum Bullions, Aura – Silver Legacy
18. El Jefe’s – Circus Circus
19. Brew Brothers – Eldorado
20. Siri’s Casino
21. Headquarters Bar
If you like what you see, reserve your Leprechaun Crawl cups here now.
We’ll see you March 17!