As we’re getting ready to release our next lineup of crawl themes, (drum roll please…) we’d like to hear from you guys on what crawls you loved. We always have our staple crawls such as the Zombie Crawl, the Santa Crawl, and the Leprechaun Crawl. We’ve found themes that suit the time as well as some that get all crawl goer’s in the spirit. We want to take a look back at some of our crawl themes and see what ones you’d love to see stick around!


Epic Fandom Crawl

A night amongst the most EPIC characters you love. It’s a night to get decked out and live out the night of your dreams amongst the most heroic figures you idolize.

Onesie Crawl

Tired of dressing up and freezing your behind off on crawl night? This crawl is probably the one for you. Pull out your coziest and craziest onesie for the comfiest crawl theme ever!

Pirate Crawl

A-hoy matey! Crawlers went all out for this theme. Any clothing can become pirate attire with a few dirt stains, holes, and the addition of jewelry and scarves. Pirate Crawl will be sure to get you shipwrecked.


Missing Pokémon Go? Feeling empty since you stopped trying to catch ’em all? This night would give ya just the fix you need. Gear up in your favorite Pika-suit if you need another PokéCrawl in your life.

Steampunk Stroll

A theme near and dear to Reno. If the playa feels too far away, the Steampunk Stroll brings a playa feel directly to the heart of downtown. Will you stroll in style this year?

Let us know your thoughts on what should make our next crawl lineup! We’d love to hear from you. Until then, keep checking our Instagram and Facebook for the latest Crawl Reno updates.