Make America Drink Again!

Since we already host one of the largest zombie-themed bar crawls in the world, and we’ve already done a Vampire Crawl, we’ve racked our brains for another monster theme to inspire your costumed revelry! The problem was coming up with something that truly embodies evil in its purist form… and then we were saved by the ludicrous, twisted campaign of Donald Trump!

Sure, other nightmarish creatures can scare you, but only Trump has the power to transform your neighbors into xenophobic automatons bent on burning the country down to a barren hell-scape by starting the next world war. Now, that’s a costume!

Trump Crawl - Artist Rendition - Credit Crawl Reno 1

Yuuuuuuge Features!

In keeping with our other world-famous bar crawls, this one will have all the amazing features you expect like awesome drink specials, contests and perks.

Trump Crawlers will be treated to drink specials like the Impossible Wall, the Oafish Braggart and the all-time  classic Complete Sh**bag I Never Want to See On TV Again. Talk about an unforgettable night out!

Besides specials, crawlers will enjoy premium events like the Hairpiece Photo Booth, Trophy Wife Competition and the Awkward White Guy dance contest. Winners will receive rare collectors items like Trump Steaks.

Trump Crawl - Artist Rendition - Credit Crawl Reno 2

A Word of Caution

We understand how fun it is to get into character with your costume, but we ask that none of you actually pretend to be a racist, bottom-feeding misogynist who will say or do anything to belittle your competition and who craves attention and power so much you’d probably drown a bag of puppies for a bump in the polls.

A portion of the proceeds will go to the unfortunate graduates of Trump University.

Just like how the only positive thing people can manage to say about Trump is that he probably doesn’t mean all the horrible things he says, this event will never actually happen.