Rabbits feet used to be thought of as lucky, but let’s face it, they are really just cruel. Why would you want to carry around part of a dead rabbit? That’s not lucky. It sure wasn’t lucky for the rabbit whose foot you’re carrying around. So we are offering up a new token of luck, the official 2016 Shamrock Shuffle t-shirt. The following things are guaranteed if you buy this shirt:

It will bring you untold amount of fortune and good luck.*

Not only that, but you will be blessed with the Luck of the Shamrock.**

You will look super cool.***

If you want all these things and more, don’t forget to add a shirt to your registration by February 19!

– The Intern


*Not really. But it will mean you came to the Shamrock Shuffle, and you’ll be able to carry those awesome memories with you every time you wear it!

**Well, not technically. But you will have a super-cool green shirt to wear on St. Patrick’s Day and the Leprechaun Crawl on Mar. 12!