Low and behold, the Reno Pirate Crawl is not just about drinking! Along with some other fun surprises from crawl organizers and local taverns, you will find authentic costumes, pirate-speak, and mayhem created by local active pirate groups! One of Reno’s most period-correct pirate groups, the Pirates of the Silver Realm, will be bringing their full encampment at this year’s Reno Pirate Crawl at the Sand’s Regency! Their encampment features museum-quality goods, weapons, textiles, wears, furniture and wardrobes! Their captain Corey “Dogfish Briggins” Lefkowitz and his crew will be showing off the goods, which is a “feast for the eyes”, especially if you like weapons! Come check out his collection at The Sand’s on crawl day (and night!)

The Pirates of the Silver Realm will be setup all day in the Sand’s Regency Parking Lot during a local Comic Con, and will stay there for the crawlers at night! Make sure to stop by anytime day or night- they will be doing black powder demonstrations starting at 10am (then at 1pm, 4pm, 6pm)  and during the crawl you can take photos trying on period-armor! A great way to commemorate your Pirate Crawl experience! And while you’re there, bring your crawl cup into the Sand’s Pipeline Lounge to grab one of the crawl drink specials

Click here for more info on the Pirates of the Silver Realm.