In my opinion, everything is more fun when you get the chance to dress up. But it’s even more fun when you get to dress up as your favorite superhero, or super villain. It’s not required you dress up for the Arch Rivals Fun Run, but there will be a costume contest, and the best dressed runners will get a Deschutes DrinkTanks® 64oz Growler & Personal Kegs. The fastest runners will also receive DrinkTanks® so if you just aren’t feeling the costume, you’ve got another chance to win big and brag to your friends on social media.crawlreno-deschutes-growlers

For that perfect Instagram picture, we’ll have a photo booth to show off your super stylin’ costumes. To get some ideas on what runners have worn in the past, check out our 2015 Arch Rivals photo page. I’ve picked my top 5 costumes from last year (posted in no particular order), let’s see if you agree with me!2015-Arch-Rivals-Jay-Hayden12.jpg-nggid043568-ngg0dyn-500x750x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010

I’m not sure what superhero she is, but that pink cape is on point. Extra points for the leotard, because what superhero doesn’t actually wear one?


Wonder Women up in here! Don’t let the tutus fool you, they could defeat any villain that tried to mess with them.


You don’t have to completely match to be a team! This Captain American family gets 5 stars in my book.


The commitment to their superhero personas is admirable. From the pose, to the cohesive pastel costumes, I wouldn’t mess with these heroes.


Definite bonus points for the pup’s cape matching the owner’s shirt. I would trust this duo to save Reno from any super villain.

– The Intern