Mom, you are a certified super hero. You kick butt day in and day out, and what do you get for it? Even in the comics, most of the time by the time your kid becomes a superhero you’ve been gunned down by a two-bit crook or incinerated in a planetary disaster. That sucks. It’s time you treated yourself to something fun.

We’ve prepared a special discount code just for you to take advantage of for our superhero fun run coming up July 29th. From today until Monday, you can sign up for the Arch Rivals Superhero Run at $5 off! You’ll get the superhero cape you deserve, a water blaster to finally get your kids’ attention AND you can make it a family affair- why not register the whole team of four or more for an additional discount! Just head over to our event page and use the following code: SUPERMOM17.


Are you still looking for a Mother’s Day gift for the special mother in your life? Don’t you worry! While we know you screwed up, and you know you screwed up, that supermom never has to find out!

That’s because we have the best gift idea EVER! A collectable crawl cup for the Epic Fandom Crawl on June 3rd! That’s right, it’s the night where the excitement of a convention meets the fun of a bar crawl!

You and your mom of choice can spend the evening in costume, checking out 15 different bars in downtown Reno, enjoying drink specials, no cover at the clubs and hilarious madcap adventures all night that will remind you both of the joy and freedom you both enjoyed before breeding!

PLUS, it gets way better. Don’t have a card? Well, guess what buster- we’ve created one for you RIGHT HERE! Just right click the image below, print it and fold it into quarters and you’ve got yourself TOTALLY set up for Mother’s Day this Sunday. Done, and done.

Now, who loves you? Crawl Reno does.


  1. Right-Click, save as
  2. Print (uncheck “fit to page” or similar setting)
  3. Fold into quarters
  4. Sign (say something about you setting up the babysitter this time)
  5. Present to your special babymaker
  6. Enjoy being told you’re the best ever.