Want to win a year of crawlin’? Just fill out our form

First off, we love you. Like, oh my $%*&#! do we love you.

It’s a deep, abiding love. The thing dreams are made of. The kind of dreams you don’t tell your friends about. Or you do if you’re a real freak.

Why do we love you? Because you come out to our silly events and you make them awesome. Without you, these crawls wouldn’t ever happen.

We’re counting on you now, crawlers, and we trust that you’ll come through.

In return for all the coming through we’re asking you to do, we will present 20 of you with A YEAR OF CRAWLS. Just look through these proposed dates and let us know a few of your deepest darkest secrets (JKLOL just let us know a few things about what you do or don’t like) and if you win we will put you on our list at every event we put on in 2020.

Winners will be announced next week- probably when you’re face is jam-packed full of Turkey. Or Tofu. Or nothing because you don’t celebrate that sort of thing.

Our Proposed Schedule:

Reno Onesie Crawl: Feb 8th

The coziest night out ever is coming back with a mimosa theme! We CANNOT WAIT to frolic with you once again. Remember, all manner of underwear is encouraged. Feel free to think outside the box.

Reno Leprechaun Crawl: Mar 14th

Our 8th Annual St. Patrick’s celebration will be our most Irish yet. Start collecting all the green you can now- and we’ll save you a bunch of green so it won’t take much green to have a good time. Got that?

Something New: May or June

What’s your favorite crawl you want us to bring back? Or, what’s a theme you’d like us to explore? Let us know because we just might make it happen!

Reno Superhero Crawl: Jul 18th

We heard you like Comic-Cons. So do we. We also heard you like going out to bars in Downtown Reno! Wanna make some magic?

Very Potter Crawl: Sep 19th

That one was SO FUN this year! How about we do it again but with MORE WANDS.

Reno Zombie Crawl: Oct 24th

Most people celebrate their 10 year reunions. We think for this one it’s more fitting to celebrate our THIRTEENTH zombie crawl!

Survey Time!

Now if you’d be so kind as to fill out our 2020 Event Survey, we’ll slap a bunch of crawl cups in your hands, assuming you’re one of the lucky 20.

This Survey will be up until Friday, November 22nd at noon, so don’t wait- take a couple minutes and fill it out today!

Thank you so much for your support!