Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: When I first began my reign as The Intern, we talked about cups, and I broke down just how much money you save on average on drinks (because only with a cup do you get the awesome drink specials of the night) when you buy a $5 crawl cup (which was up to $42 FYI). Having a cup will also get you in to all the designated crawl spots, with no cover charge. This may not seem like a big deal now, but let me tell you a story from this past Leprechaun Crawl that might just change your mind.

My three friends and I were in line for a popular crawl spot. Three of us had cups, and one of us did not. After waiting in line for 10 minutes, we are finally at the front and we find out there is a cover. Three of us could get in free, because we had cups, and the other would have to pay. She didn’t want to spend her money on a cover charge, and we couldn’t leave her outside by herself, so we all had to leave and walk to another spot in the rain.

Don’t be that friend, buy a cup.

– The Intern