Here’s a real question for you:

Who thought it would be a good idea for everyone in the photo to be mid-word while they snapped the picture and who was the genius who first said “say ‘cheese'” and why did we continue this tradition? #ThingsThatBotherTheIntern

We won’t make you “say ‘cheese'” at our superhero photo booth, but we might make you strike a superhero-worthy pose. Don’t worry, you’ll thank us when you’ve got a comic book worthy shot to post on your Facebook or Instagram though. Here’s a little inspiration from last year’s photo booth:


The tension in this picture is so thick, you could literally cut it with a knife.


A smile and the shield of justice is all you need to make a picture that even Captain America would be jealous of.


Batwoman v. Superwoman. A movie a would watch in an instant.

– The Intern