Are you an Expert Crawler? A Novice? Are you a Reno Local? A Visitor from afar? No matter what, we’re going to give you the best hacks for making your Reno bar crawl perfect! (Spoiler: one of the best tricks involves four very important words: “exclusive discount hotel codes.”)

Planning anything these days can be a nightmare. Where, when, how… HOW? Even if that planning ends with one of the most kick-ass parties you’ll ever get to go to. Planning a trip to Reno, NV for a bar crawl is a lot easier than you think, and this guide should make it a cinch! So just keep on reading

What is a Reno Bar Crawl?

Reno Bar Crawl Tips for Travlers - Tonic lounge reno tahoe attractive girl pouring cocktaisl leprechaun crawl

Unlike other bar crawls, a Reno-style crawl has no guidance other than your own desires. We work hard to put dozens of bars on the map each with discounts, specials, and features. Then you and your friends decide where you want to go! What we end up creating is a party with no seams that is guaranteed to give you a night you’ll never forget. 

Putting on a costume is a huge part too! Of course, you can have just as much fun in your street clothes, joining the THOUSANDS of others dressed up is an experience you won’t want to miss. 

Where Is Reno

On the map, Reno is located East of San Francisco on the Eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Nearby Lake Tahoe is located to the South-West of the city and makes for an excellent day trip. What maps have a hard time showing is that we are nestled in at 4,505 feet! That’s just about a mile up, if you were wondering. 

How To Get To Reno

Getting to Reno is easy because not only do we lie on two major interstates, but our airport has many direct flights to around the US!


If you fly into Reno you’ll arrive at the Reno/Tahoe International Airport. This mid-sized airport will provide you with all the amenities you expect from a major airport, but with less time getting in and out. When arriving there are plenty of taxis to take you to downtown to nearly every major hotel in town. (Get discounted room codes here!)


From Bay Area/Sacramento

From these areas simply take I-80 East. Be sure to check the weather conditions. Donner pass is one of the highest spots on ANY interstate. The weather there can be tremendously different than at sea level. Chains are always a good idea.

From Los Angeles

From L.A. you have a few options. You can take I5 north to I80. That route is the quickest, but less scenic. For a longer trip but one filled with eye candy, take US395 North. This route goes along the East side of the Sierra. A beautiful trip that ends coming into Reno from the south. 

From Salt Lake City

The trip from Salt Lake is a long one, but long stretches of desert mean the miles will pass quickly. The speed limit being crazy also helps. Simply take I80 West and you can’t miss us. 

From Boise

Head out of town on US95 to Winnemucca. From there jump on I80 West and Reno isn’t too far off!

Where to Stay for your Reno Bar Crawl

If you’re coming in for the crawls you NEED to stay where you play. The Eldorado, Silver Legacy, and Circus Circus are all great options for places to stay. The Sands Regency also provides newly renovated rooms in the heart of the action. 

And the best part, we have discount codes for all of them! Whether it’s the Zombie, Santa, Leprechaun, or others; we get you the best rates for the weekend of our parties. 

Check out our current discount codes. 

Bars on Our next Crawl

Reno Bar Crawl Tips for Travlers - large group of cosplayers professional crawl reno bar crawl

Visit any one of these bars & clubs to get an idea of what to expect before you head out. Each one has a different atmosphere and vibe, so there is something for everyone!

1 Up
214 W Commercial Row
Davidson’s Distillery
275 E 4th St
Red Rock Studio & Bar
241 S Sierra St
5 Star Saloon
132 West St
Dead Ringer Analog Bar
432 E 4th St
Reno Axe & Social
100 N Sierra St Ste 105
Abby’s Highway 40
424 E 4th St
The Eddy
16 S Sierra St
Rum Bullions In The Silver Legacy
345 N Virginia St
Antonio’s Mexican Grill
95 N Sierra St
100 N Arlington Ave
601 W 2nd St
The Arch
111 N Virginia St
El Jefe’s In The Circus Circus
345 N Virginia St
Shim’s Surplus Speakeasy
125 W 3rd St
The Arlington Saloon 100 N Arlington AveThe Library
134 West 2nd St
Shooter’s Saloon
434 N Virginia St
Bar Centro In The Eldorado
345 N Virginia St
Music N’ Mimosa’s
205 S Sierra St Ste 104
Sierra Tap House
253 W 1st St
Bar N’ Games
594 Lake St
Novi In The Eldorado
345 N Virginia St
Silver Peak On The River
135 N Sierra St
Basscamp At City Plaza
10 N Virginia St
The Office
246 W 1st St
Siri’s Casino
241 N Virginia St
Black Rabbit Meade
401 E 4th St
Ole Bridge Pub
50 N Sierra St
The Stick
95 N Sierra St
The Bluebird
555 E 4th St
Our Bar 211 W
1st St
Tonic Lounge
231 W 2nd St
Brew Brothers In The Eldorado
345 N Virginia St
Playfield 76
150 N Arlington Ave
Virginia Street Brewhouse
211 North Virginia St
West 2nd St Bar
118 W 2nd St

Places to Get Equipped

Getting your costume together in Reno is pretty easy. Not only do we have multiple shopping centers located around town, but our Midtown district also features one of the biggest thrift shops you’ll ever see; Junkees!

Junkees has an insane amount of costumes, thrift clothes, and accessories that will give you a unique look found nowhere else. Their staff is super friendly and can whip up something for you in minutes. Plus the atmosphere is a unique experience all on its own. 

If you are looking for other great items to wear for a crawl be sure to check out our other partners too. We have been working with Adam & Eve locally for many years now, their shop has plenty of great costume items as well as things to enjoy up in your hotel room!

Melting Pot World Emporium is another partner that is a local favorite. Their store has many unique costume items and other eccentric accessories.

Great Spots to Eat

Reno is packed with great places to eat all over town. We were no exception to the recent food movement. To list them all would have to be its own post entirely. But to get you started we have a few of our favorites that are located around downtown Reno. These eateries are perfect for a bite before the crawl (and a few after too).

Our Bar

Located on Arlington Blvd, Our Bar has amazing Burgers! I have never had a bad experience there. Lots of beers on tap too. 

Brew Brothers

This restaurant-by-day, club-by-night location is a legendary spot both on and off the crawls. They offer not only mouth-watering food but some incredible in-house brewed beers. Find this gem in the Eldorado side of the Silver Legacy Casino area.


Reno Bar Crawl Tips for Travlers - four girls dressed as bloody mary bloody mary day reno nevada crawl reno

Whelp, at this point you should be well prepared on how to get to one of our world-famous bar crawls. The trip can be long, depending on how you choose to get here, but well worth it.