We are going to party like real pirates this Saturday, 8/19, for the 2017 Pirate Crawl. Aside from all of the perks of the crawl like free entrances into participating bars, $3 drink specials, and an excuse to dress up as a pirate, were going to have entertainment from the Pirates of the Silver Realm and their encampments at our two start bars: Headquarters and Harrah’s Outdoor Plaza.

What does this mean?

The Pirates of the Silver Realm dedicate their time to studying the legends of pirates and recreate history through personas, wardrobes, and effects. The encampment they set up at the starting bars will make you feel like you’re swashbuckling in the 1600’s.

Headquarters, the official Crawl Reno bar, will also have art cars and food trucks in the parking lot for even more entertainment while you crawl!

We’ve created the best environment for you to party like a pirate so come out and see the authentic Pirates of the Silver Realm. Who knows, maybe you’ll join their crew!