Reno’s had a recent surge in popularity but we’ve been holding it down for years, and this song plays homage to all that makes Reno’s nightlife the best in the world! We’ve got NO LAST CALL, we’ve got 70 bars within walking distance, we’ve got the Truckee River going through the heart of downtown, we’ve got amazing resort casinos and we’ve got the BEST PEOPLE.

The video was produced by Crawl Reno to celebrate the 10th Year Anniversary of the Reno Zombie Crawl and to give shout outs to everything that makes Reno the best city in the world to party in!

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  • 0:15 NO LAST CALL Reno has no last call for alcohol, so our bars can stay open and serve 24 hours a day
  • 0:21 RENO/TAHOE Reno and Lake Tahoe are closely linked, as many people travel through Reno to arrive at Tahoe.
  • 0:22 FOOD TRUCK FRIDAYS A weekly event that runs Spring through Fall featuring food trucks that attracts thousands
  • 0:26 SANDS REGENCY A resort casino in downtown Reno that throws pool parties
  • 0:28 CAMPO A nationally recognized Italian restaurant in Downtown Reno
    0:33 RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA Nevada passed recreational marijauna sales in 2017 and the industry is booming
  • 0:32 TRUCKEE RIVER The Truckee River passes through the heart of the city and is a great place to float and shop
  • 0:34 OPENNESS Reno’s population is very “live and let live” and knownn for not being judgemental
  • 0:36 DIVE BARS Reno has an amazing collection of dive bars
  • 0:38 FIVE STAR SALOON 5 Star Saloon is a long-time pillar in Reno’s gay sceen and in our downtown nightlife in general
  • 0:44 ARTOWN ArTown is an annual month long celebration of music, art and cultural events in June
  • 0:46 MAC DRE Reference to the Mac Dre song Get Stupid where he mentions going to Reno
  • 0:52 CHORUS
  • 0:53 NOBODY DOES IT LIKE HERE Reno parties better than any other city
  • 0:56 SOMETHING JUMPING ALL YEAR Reno is an event-centered city with an impressive array of annual festivals and bar crawls
  • 0:58 CRAFT BREW Reno is quickly becoming home to an emerging industry of craft breweries and distilleries
  • 1:01 LOVE IN THE ATMOSPHERE Reno’s nightlife is extremely welcoming
  • 1:01 12 O’CLOCK PARTYING With no last call, we go out at midnight and start the afterparty at noon
  • 1:08 “10 NEW FRIENDS” You’ll meet new people every time you go out because people aren’t standoffish
  • 1:17 RENO 911 We actually like the show, even if it makes fun of us- the fact it exists means we’re interesting!
  • 1:17 ART CARS Many of the impressive art cars at Burning Man are housed here and make appearances
  • 1:20 THE EDDY The Eddy is an outdoor shipping container park in downtown Reno that’s extremely popular
  • 1:24 BAR CRAWLS & COSTUMES Reno is home to some of the largest and most fun bar crawls in the world like the Zombie Crawl
  • 1:29 DUSTY: REFERENCE TO BURNING MAN We’re the closest city to the annual Burning Man festival, which heavily influences our culture
  • 1:32 PEG’S GLORIFIED HAM N EGGS Pegs is nationally recognized as one of the best breakfast joints you’ll ever find
  • 1:38 FRESH AIR CLOTHING Fresh Air is a dope local clothing brand
  • 1:41 PLAYA CRUISE SHIP: BURNING MAN More references to the art cars at Burning Man that show up regularly in Reno
  • 1:47 WE’RE NOT VEGAS Seriously. It’s cool and all, but Reno is sevan hours away and has many advantages over it.
  • 1:48 FRY BREAD & INDIAN TACOS We’ve got several indian colonies around & near Reno where you can get some Fry Bread!
  • 1:51 RENO ZOMBIE CRAWL One of the largest bar crawls in the world with 50 bars, 20,000 people and so much more
  • 1:53 ARTOWN See above
  • 1:55 NOBLE PIE Noble is a late night pizza joint with a badass attitude and award winning pies and wings
  • 1:57 UNR WOLFPACK The athletics program of the University of Nevada, Reno. We’ve got mad pride for UNR.
  • 1:58 BATTLE BORN Nevada is known at the Battle Born state because we started during the Civil War
  • 2:01 CANFEST Canfest is an annual event and one of the only beer festivals to exclusively feature cans!
  • 2:03 PLAYA ISN’T FAR We’re the closest city to the annual Burning Man festival, which heavily influences our culture
  • 2:04 SCULPTURE FEST Sculpture Fest is another amazing annual event feturing large scale projects and nightly EDM shows.
  • 2:06 COLIN KAEPERNICK Colin Kaepernick graduated from UNR and we support him and his efforts in social justice
  • 2:10 HYPHY Slang for hyper, and an Oakland rap movement that gave us Keak da Sneak, E-40 & more. Check it out.
  • 2:13 THE GREAT SANTA DASH An annual fun run where everyone dresses like Santa. It’s hilarious.
  • 2:18 CRAWL RENO Our bar crawls are the best.
  • 2:20 UNR WOLFPACK See above
  • 2:23 BLACK ROCK SOLAR A project started by Burning Man participants to bring solar energy projects to shcools and small towns
  • 2:28 CHORUS
  • 2:49 LEAVING A SUITE AT 2AM Bars are still open at 2am and if you got a suite in one of our resort casinos you’re right in the action
  • 2:53 AWFUL AWFUL The Nugget casino in downtown is nationally regognized and the Awful Awful burger is a late night staple.
  • 3:03 MOONLITE BUNNY RANCH (NSFW) Well, it’s legal in Nevada and you may have seen it on HBO. We’re proud of our live and let live culture!
  • 3:05 JUNKEE CLOTHING EXCHANGE Junkee is a quirky thrift shop that has supported costuming our festivals and crawls for years!
  • 3:12 HIP HOP & HEAVY METAL We’ve got a diverse population in Reno and our music scene reflects it!
  • 3:14 FERNLEY SPEEDWAY Fernley Speedway is a motorsport complex just outside of the city
  • 3:16 HOT AUGUST NIGHTS Hot August Nights is a massive annual car festival that’s hosted all over the city
  • 3:21 MODEL A: HARRAH’S AUTOMOBILE MUSEUM Harrah’s Automobile Museum holds tons of “one of a kind” autos like the batmobile and “Model A”
  • 3:48 HEADQUARTERS BAR Headquarters is the new home for Crawl Reno’s events in the heart of downtown Reno!
  • 3:49 SHEA’S TAVERN Shea’s is a 24 hour dive bar where everyone’s welcome any time. It’s a must-visit destination especially after 4AM
  • 3:50 PIGNIC Pignic is a pub where you can BBQ your own meat and support the local music scene all at once
  • 3:51 ST. JAMES INFIRMARY St. James, named after a Johnny Cash song, is an eclectic tribute to good beer and good times in Reno
  • 3:52 CIRCUS CIRCUS Circus Circus is a resort casino with a midway full of games of chance and trapese acts so the whole family can have fun
  • 3:53 ELDORADO Eldorado is a resort casino with some of the swankiest suites in the city and host to amazing entertainment
  • 3:55 SILVER LEGACY Silver Legacy is one of the most popular resort casinos in Reno with tons of bars, restaurants and world class entertainment
  • 3:57 CARGO Cargo is a top-notch concert venue inside the Whitney Peak hotel, home of the world’s tallest climbing wall
  • 3:58 THE RACK The Rack is a great bar to play pool, bowl and even dance all in one spot!
  • 3:59 EDGE NIGHTCLUB The Edge is a glitsy nightclub placed in the heart of The Pepermill resort casino
  • 4:00 TONIC LOUNGE Tonic Lounge is one of Reno’s most popular late night venues where you can dance the night away
  • 4:01 LEX NIGHTCLUB Lext is a club inside the Grand Sierra Resort with a badass indoor pool