Hookava Hooka Lounge and bar Downtown Reno

Start Location for the 2019 Reno Pirate Crawl

This Saturday August 17th, start your Reno Pirate Crawl at Hookava! We will be selling cups and merch there from 7pm-11pm. At midnight they will be holding a contest for the most realistic pirate costume where the winner will walk away with a $200 Visa Card!

Crawlers only have to pay $4 for all their well drinks or tap beers throughout the event, too!

Hookava is located downtown at the corner of Arlington Avenue and 1st St within Arlington Towers. You may already be familiar with the name, since they have been located at two previous spots within a block of their current location, but we consider it a *new* bar because…

Just look at this place! It’s amazing inside!

While Hookava may have existed in other spots, this new one is a complete reinvention of the concept! There are two floors: the first floor houses their Hookah Bar where their extremely nice and helpful staff will help you choose from several premium flavor options. 22 foot tall windows, arcing 180 degrees give you a great view of the riverwalk as well.

Upstairs Hookava has an alcohol bar where they make mixed drinks, serve wine and provide beer in bottles and on tap. As afternoon switches to night time, upstairs also hosts a DJ adding live music to the mix.

We found that it’s a great spot to hang out no matter what time it is, and once you try their hookah you’ll want to stay there chit chatting with friends new and old- you’ll probably have as much trouble leaving as we did!

Hookava opens at 3pm seven days a week and they’ll be one of our starting locations for the Pirate Crawl!