Don’t fear zombie makeup artists are here!

Crawlers we are only 16 day away from the highly anticipated Zombie Crawl! Yes, I know what you guys are thinking. Did I tape the last episode of American Horror Story? No, not that goober! The other thing. We all know you’ve been counting down since last years crawl the only problem being that you still don’t know how the hell to create realistic zombie flesh wounds that your fellow crawlers will envy. No need to worry! We will have multiple makeup stations set up around town. Our favorite makeup artist will have you looking like an extra on the walking dead in no time!

Here’s the lowdown on where to get some killer makeup before this year’s Zombie Crawl:
  • 12pm Sand’s Regency Lobby
  • 3pm Silver Legacy Mezzanine Level
  • 3pm Ace’s Stadium (before the Thriller Dance!)
  • 5pm Harrah’s Outdoor Plaza

*Prices will vary. Remember folks, they are professionals!