Whether you’re looking forward to warmer weather or time off from school, we bet you want to kick summer off right! With the temperature rising, we can think of one cool way to start off the season!



Join us June 2 for the first event of the summer! With the best deals in town, we don’t see a more fun way to cool down than drinking! We’ll let you in on another secret, too.


There will be lightsabers.

That’s right. To get you into character and the spirit of the night, we’re starting with our Lightsaber Battle! You don’t want to miss Reno’s biggest and most epic cosplay event of the year.


Reserve your cups here. Book your hotel using our links here.

We can’t wait to see what you bring to Epic Crawl 2018, Reno. We know it will be nothing less than, well, you know.

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