This is going to be one epic battle that you will definitely live to tell the tale of, and do not want to miss. It doesn’t matter if you BYOS (bring your own saber) or reserve one from Crawl Reno, as long as you have a lightsaber at 7 P.M. at the Harrah’s Plaza. Doors will open at 6 P.M. for everyone to pick up their cups and lightsabers, then at 7 everyone is welcome to start practicing for the battle with our Battle Prep Games, like:

  • Star Wars Twister: are you on the Dark Side? Or the Light Side? Either way, let the force be with you and your team as you battle to balance the force in the twister galaxy.
  • Moving Target Training: just as young Jedi practiced using the force by deflecting objects with their lightsabers, you too will have a chance to deflect flying glowing disks with your own lightsaber. The Jedi with the highest score will win a special prize.

Every Jedi knows that if there aren’t pictures, it didn’t happen. So take advantage of our #epic PhotoBooth to prove you were a part of the EPIC LIGHTSABER BATTLE OF 2016. There will also be a huge group photo after the battle, so stick around to prove you lived (because you will). If you’re worried about getting hurt, this battle will be in slow-motion, and sped up after, so you don’t have to have the skills of a trained Jedi to join in on the fun. The actual battle will start at 8 P.M. and after we will choose the winner of the custom lightsaber.

– The Intern