So, you’ve made the wise decision of going to the Mardi Crawl, awesome. Now, you’re debating if you should buy a cup, because technically you don’t need one to participate in the crawl. But your loving intern has done the math for you on why you should actually buy a cup, if you want to a) make the most of your experience and b) save a ton of money.

Being Thrifty = Buying a Cup

The average American drinks 7 drinks a night on the weekend (find the mean, subtract the people who don’t drink).

On average a drink in Reno costs anywhere from $5 – $12 depending on the drink you buy, and which drinking establishment you are at. If said establishment has a cover charge, it could cost $5 – $10.

So, if you only buy drinks for yourself, you will, on average, spend $35 – $84 on drinks (not including tips). Then add in the cover charges, and you’ll be wishing you bought the $5 cup.

With the Mardi Crawl cup, you will be spending only $3 – $6 on drinks, with no cover at any bars participating, plus you get a cool map. Cup owners will be spending $21 – $42 for drinks on the night of the crawl, which is a huge difference.

Plus cup owners will be able to participate in cool events such as Cage Dancing at 5 Star, Costume Contests, and “Bourbon Street Flash” at Pizza Reno!

– The Intern