Nearly 5,000 things to catch!

So, since you guys love collecting cool stuff, we decided to make you a TON of custom cool stuff and we’re stashing it at all the bars along the crawl for you to gobble up! We’ve got:

  • 900 Bracelets: these are cloth music-festival type bracelets. We made different designs for each of the 3 teams, Mystic, Valor and Instinct. They’re totally awesome.
  • 900 Team Buttons: We made two designs for each team, so there’s 6 different kinds out there.
  • 3,000 Team Stickers: They’re 2″x2″ and there’s 3 designs- perfect for putting on your phone, laptops or anywhere you want to show your allegiance!
  • 100 Portable Phone Chargers: Yeah, we made custom chargers so you can play LONGER! They’re 3000 mAh and they look amazing.

In order to get your hands on all the stuff we made, you need to visit as many bars as possible!

Each of the bars on the map will begin the event with a different selection of all of them and it’s up to them how to give it all away!

The 2016 Reno PokéCrawl is obviously going to be EPIC. We’ve got over 5,500 RSVPs on Facebook, which is just plain bonkers. Because this is the first PokéCrawl we’ve ever done and because we’ve had such a huge response, we’ve planned a crawl like no one has EVER PUT ON!

There’s 5,000 collectables for you to search for, more than 50 different drink specials at 22 locations, 9 different costume contests and tons of extras, so here’s our guide for how to make the most of your night!

First off, Get a Cup

All these giveaways are for crawlers, and crawlers are folks with crawl cups! That’s your ticket to the event, so make sure to grab one if you’re planning on attending.

We’ve got tons of ways to get them, from picking one up in person at Adam & Eve or reserving one online if you’re out of town. We’ll also have them available on crawl night. All the info is on our 2016 Reno PokéCrawl page.

Second, Get a Room (for cheap)

This is a pro move. It won’t technically help you score giveaways but you don’t want to have to worry about how to get home after running around catching Pokémon all night. We’ve got discount codes at two different hotels- and that was tough because most are sold out this weekend!

Sands Regency $79 FRI $79 SAT

Call 1-866-386-7829 Use Code: POKEMONCRAWL2016


Call 1-800-687-8733 (Locals: 775-325-7401) or reserve online here. Use group code:PUB

Check out the Map

With 22 different places to check out, you should take some time to figure out where you’re going to start and what route you’ll take!

Good luck catching them all, but most of all make sure you have FUN!