It’s just about time for the Very Potter Crawl. That means, friends, fun, dancing, and a whole lot of running around downtown Reno. But where do you go? What is the best bet? Well, we are here to guide you and show you some great tips to make your Potter crawl the best it can be. So grab your robe and your wand, cause here we go!

1 – Get All The Goodies

Get the cup, the wand, and all the other sweet goodies from Crawl Reno and the Bars. OK, this seems like tooting our own horn. It kind of is. But we work hard to bring you the best deal for your night. So, don’t forget to get your photo taken at Headquarters Bar too! 


2 – Tips to Win a Contest

You have been to a few crawls, and you have some ideas to go big. Think you can win a contest? To better your odds, be sure to pay attention to the details. Think cosplay, Comicon, etc… Then have a few friends join you! Nothing can win more contests than a group focused on a great concept. Also, show up early so you don’t lose a slot in the contest.  Then, if you have some extra friends bring them with you and they can cheer for you when it’s time to be judged. 

3 – Grabbing a Bite Crawl Night

Downtown Reno has oodles of options when it comes to eating. But not everywhere stays open late and you could find it harder and harder to grab food late at night. Here are 3 late night places you will want to keep in mind when out crawling this weekend. 

  • Little Nugget 233 N Virginia St – Always open, Burgers, Fries, Greasy, Good.
  • Noble Pie Downtown 239 W 2nd St – Open late but gets busy. Plan to wait. But the wings are sooooo worth it. 
  • Millies24 In Eldorado – A 24-hour casino diner. What is more Reno? Portions are big and the food is pretty good! Don’t forget to tip, the staff here hustles all night. 

4 – Tips to Pace Your Drinking

Crawling in Reno is unique because we have no last call and that means you can get in over your head. Don’t let that happen to you. Remember the faster you drink the quicker you will get drunk.

And remember to match each alcoholic beverage with a water. If you aren’t into plain water, have the bartender add a lemon slice or orange. If your tummy starts giving you trouble you can order a ginger beer with bitters.

Also, remember to eat! Going out drinking on an empty stomach is irresponsible, so be sure to eat. 



5 – Exodus/Get a Room

Leaving the Crawl can be as much fun as going to the crawl. Be sure to plan your escape and do one of the following options.

  1. Get a room. A discounted hotel room will be waiting for you nearby for whatever you need. And with our discounts, you can afford it. 
  2.  Get an uber or lyft home. Remember to save your money so you can make it all the way home.
  3. Have a sober friend pick you up.  
  4. Walk

NEVER EVER EVER DRIVE DRUNK. We want you coming back for years to come, so please be safe. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you have the best night possible at the 2018 Very Potter Crawl. 

Also, the 2018 Zombie crawl is just around the corner!! Who’s excited!?


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