Avast ye sea people, the Pirate Crawl is just around the corner, but you still have time to get creative with your costumes. Of course you don’t have to dress up in order to crawl, but we promise it’ll make the experience much more fun!

Gentlemen, don’t be scared of eyeliner for a full pirate effect. But if you’d rather walk the plank, then a ragged shirt, black pants, and eye patch will do just fine. Bandannas and eye patches will totally work if you don’t want to buy any new clothing. Tearing an old workout shirt works too!

Ladies, you can go all out in a corset and skirt with dramatic makeup as a pirate would, or you can be one with the sea and add some fish nets and sea shells as a mermaid. Thicken those eyelashes and dip into that dark eye shadow. For clothing: black pants, boots, and maybe a tattered old shirt will get the job done.

We have a Pinterest board full of makeup and costumes ideas. Let the creativity thrive inside of you and start making your costume, or gather those unnoticed pirate outfits already in your closet. You don’t have to go all out, but it’d be pretty cool if you did.

We crawl on 8/19 , are ya ready?