We know what you’re thinking, learn how to spell Intern. But, jokes on you because we’re not talking about “crews” we’re talking about the time-honored Mardi Gras tradition of “krewes”. A Mardi Gras krewe is any group or organization that hosts a Mardi Gras ball, rides on a float, and participates in social events throughout the year. A Mardi Crawl krewe is a group of friends, coworkers, or any people over 21 who pick a theme to all dress like the night of the crawl, and pick their own parade route through the participating venues.

Popular themes range anywhere from Greeks gods, to rockstars. Traditionally in Mardi Gras culture each krewe has a designated King and Queen. Your designated driver(s) could be great people to assign the crown, but remember all Crawl participants get special room rates at participating hotels, so the people who book the hotel rooms would be even better rulers of the krewe. For all of our out-of-town Crawlers, krewes of 5+ get a special cup discount when you reserve your cups online.

See all our Mardi Crawl Krewes out there on January 30!

– The Intern