Get Yer Timbers Ready to Shiver at Harrah’s Plaza

The Pirates of the Silver Realm will have a full museum-quality encampment!

Don’t miss their display at Harrah’s Outdoor Plaza! (near the Reno Arch) Complete with wood chests filled with textiles, clothing, quilts of period fabrics and buffalo hides. You will also find period plunder, trade goods and an impressive collection of period weaponry including swords, guns, grenades, daggers, armor and bows & arrows. Come say ahoy to the wonderful Pirates of the Silver Realm crew members adorned in full period clothing, singing pirate chanteys and loaded with the typical pirate mischief and good times!

Get a photo in front of their full size Chamberlain Dory docked on the plaza!

Our photographers will be photographing you and your friends in your festive crawl attire in front of the Pirates of the Silver Realms authentic chamberlain dory! Don’t forget to check back on our Facebook page and tag you and your friends!

Fun for the whole family 3-7pm. Crawl begins at 7pm!

Bring your kids to try on their authentic period armor and interact with the pirates in the plaza! The crawl starts at 7pm so get those little buccaneers to bed and then come on our and join us for the bar crawl!

We’ll see all you scallywags on the other side on August 13th!