Are you guys as shocked as we are that May is already here?


That means that the 2018 Epic Crawl is exactly 1 month away! If you’re getting a little anxious to start planning, we’ve got a list to get you on your way. If you’re looking to have the most fun but save some money, you’ve come to the right place.


As always, we’ve teamed up with local downtown hotels to ensure the best prices of the weekend. You can find our discount codes below, as well as here or on Facebook. We hope you take advantage of these low prices. Walking distance of home has never been so convenient until you’ve had a successful bar crawl!
Stay at Silver Legacy, Eldorado, or Circus Circus
Discount Code: EPIC18


Cups are not available yet in stores, but they will be soon! Junkee, Headquarters, the Melting Pot, and Adam & Eve in both Reno and Carson City will sell cups before June 2. If you need yours right now, click here. You can reserve your cups with us now.



We’ve given you some ideas as to what you might see this year at Epic Crawl, costume wise. Now we’re here to help you decide where to start in finding your look. Head over to the mall as anywhere from the comic book store to Forever 21 could have some great Star Wars attire. But if you’re hardcore DIY, we always recommend Junkee or the Melting Pot for some unique pieces! We also keep our Pinterest pages updated with the newest costume inspiration.

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We don’t care what time of year it is or what you think you know about the weather. We live in Reno. Expect to check the weather and continue checking it in the days leading up to Epic Crawl. While the summer months are around the corner, this doesn’t mean we’re safe from Reno’s unpredictable weather.

We hope you’re getting excited for Epic Crawl, because we’re just itching for it to begin. We’ll see you guys for our annual Lightsaber Battle to kick off Epic Crawl 2018.

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