Come take part in a massive thriller dance!

You don’t need to be perfect- and we can teach you!

Let’s make history! Imagine 1,000 people performing Michael Jackson’s iconic zombie dance smash hit Thriller in front a cheering crowd before the Reno Zombie Crawl starts! What a sight to behold, as a massive, flash-mob style choreographed dance takes place, with flash bulbs going off, cameras filming and thousands of people cheering performers on under the Reno Arch!

Info on free classes below!

How you can participate: sign up

Anyone who wishes to dance with our massive flash-mob can show up at 6pm and we’ll place you. You can learn the dance at home and/or at our practices (below)! We use choreography and tools from Thrill The World explained here.

Our Materials are available online

We use choreography from Thrill The World– they’ve got tons of awesome resources like Thriller Dance Scripts, Audio Tracks that are slowed down or include cues and tons of instructional videos that break down all the moves for you. We are doing the 3 minute version, NOT the 6 minute version. The Script indicates where to end the dance for the shortened one.


We use Thrill the World’s materials for our classes and use their audio track for our event as well. Plus, you can come to all of our free Thriller classes put on by Heart & Sole Dance Academy through September and October!

Learn Thriller at FREE classes!

Heart and Sole Dance Academy will be teaching FREE and all-ages Thriller Dance Classes:


Location: Heart & Sole Dance Academy at 5655 Riggins Ct suite 3 and 5
Thursdays Sept 13th-Oct 18th at 7:30p

Sign up here to dance!