And by “em,” we mean a ton of beer, new friends and an epic night!

The 2016 Reno PokéCrawl will be unlike any bar crawl you’ve attended. Crawlers will be able to choose a red, yellow or blue cup to show whether you’re on Valor, Instinct or Mystic and we’ll have tons of stuff for you to collect that night besides awesome memories. There will be Pokéballs given out, charging stations set up, costume contests, Pokéball beer pong, team-based costume contests, themed entertainment and SO MANY drinks that will bastardize your childhood memories with names like the Trainer Battle Shot and Pikachu Punch.

Crawl Maps

Here’s what the crawl maps look like, so you can get an idea of what the event will be like!


Here’s the basics:
  • 22 BARS (we’ll have all Pokéstops and Gyms clearly marked!)
  • SPECIALS: $3 Drinks & Beers to tickle your Licki-tungs!
  • ENTERTAINMENT: Bands, DJs and more to keep your Pollywaggin!
  • TONS of awesome custom Pokémon-themed give-aways!
  • Costume contests, so come dressed up!
  • And your chance to party in the Crawl Capital– where you know we’re going to do this right.

Full details about participating bars, specials, contests and features at the bottom of the page!

  • Pokéball Beer Pong
  • Pokékaraoke
  • Pikachu Figurines
  • Pokébowling!
  • Pokémon Go-Go Dancers!



We’ve spread all the giveaways equally through the bars, but no bar has the same selection! If you want to catch ’em all you’ve got to visit every bar!

  • 900 Team Bracelets (different designs for each team!)
  • 900 Team Buttons (2 different designs for each team!)
  • 3,000 Team Buttons (different designs for each team!)
  • 100 Custom Battery Packs to charge your phone!
Start Bars: Where to begin your crawl

These locations will be selling cups from 7-10pm!

The Jungle at 246 W 1st St

Harrah’s Outdoor Plaza at the corner of Virginia and Commercial Row

Rum Bullions inside the Silver Legacy at 407 N Virginia St.


After you’re done crawling you can go to sleep for cheap!

Every year we set up special discounted rooms at local hotels for our crawlers so you don’t have to even WORRY about driving and you get the convenience of walking right to your spacious, comfortable room at the end of the night!

Coming from out of town? This is the perfect deal! Both of these hotels are right in the middle of the crawl and have stops right inside them!


Sands Regency $79 FRI $79 SAT

Call 1-866-386-7829 Use Code: POKEMONCRAWL2016
See their website for address and info.


Call 1-800-687-8733 (Locals: 775-325-7401) or reserve at their website here. Use group code:PUB

What to expect at the crawl stops:


Your crawl cup is your ticket to the crawl! It’s how we know you’re a participant and it entitles you to:

  • Lots of interaction with the game! We’re re-configuring how we do crawls to make this a whole new experience!
  • Tons of specials: $3 Drink Specials and $3 Beer specials at every venue, food specials and more
  • Discount hotel rooms at the best spots downtown so you can chill out!
  • No cover at the clubs!
  • Entrance into costume contests
  • Access to awesome give-aways like necklaces, shot glasses and more!
  • The chance to get your picture taken at our professional VIP Pokémon Photo Booth!
  • That warm feeling that you helped support our charity partner and helped us put on more amazing events like this!

How to Participate

Crawl Cups = Tickets to your best night ever!
  • Pick up a $5 crawl cup and map – the cup is the ticket to the event
  • Dress up! (you don’t have to but it’s so much more fun when you do! Dress up in team colors (red, blue, yellow) or Pokémon costumes, or pretty much any fun costume you may have around!)
  • Download the Pokémon GO App on your phone – its a super fun interactive game that you can enjoy throughout the night and beyond!
  • Visit the locations on the map on crawl night for exclusive drink specials, parties, give-aways and more! The map will also include fun ways to interact with the Pokémon GO game while you crawl!


Several Ways to Get Cups
  • On crawl night: pick up cups at our start location from 7:00-10:30pm or until cups sell out!
  • Pick them up in person at one of our retail locations (retail cups and maps go on sale one month before the event)
  • Reserve your cups online here!
  • Adding cups to your discounted hotel registration
  • A limited amount of cups are available at our participating bars on crawl night


Reserve cups for yourself and your team- each team will have a different color cup! Cups reserved online will be waiting under your name at our start bar on the night of the event!

Retail Shops

Get your costume at the same time as your cup! We will announce when cups go on sale at our retail outlets.



Adam & Eve Reno
7520 Longley Ln, Reno, NV 89511
(775) 852-1162

Junkee Clothing Exchange
960 South Virginia St. Reno, NV 89502
(775) 322-5865

Melting Pot World Emporium
1049 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89502
(775) 322-9445 


Adam & Eve
3220 U.S. 50, Carson City, NV 89701
(775) 841-6350

You can also order yours early online here!


  1. BE 21 OR OLDER: You must be 21 or over to attend and bring valid ID to get into the bars
  3. DON’T GO OUTSIDE WITH BOOZE. Because of open container laws, you can’t walk outside with alcohol in your cup.
  4. NO DRINKING AND DRIVING: We have hotel discounts, designated driver bracelets among other things to make sure you NEVER do that.
  5. BE COOL: Treat bar staff and other crawlers awesome, tip well and behave yourself!
  6. GET A CUP: It’s your access to all the amazing fun!
  7. OPTIONAL: Do you have to dress up? Technically no, but it is more fun if you do!

Instead, we’ve got lots of great options for you!

  • Stay overnight using one of our discount hotel codes listed above!
  • Use our LYFT code: CRAWLRENO and get a $50 ride credit!
  • If you’re a Designated Driver, just ask for one of these bracelets at the cup tables at our start locations and you’ll get free sodas at every stop!



Participating Bars and Specials

1Up at 214 W Commercial Row

  • $3 Valor, Instinct & Mystic Shots
  • $3 Genesee Cream Ale

3rd Street Bar at 125 W 3rd St

  • $3 Rum & Poke
  • $3 Rolling Rock & Killian’s Irish Red
  • $3 Fireball Shots
  • $1.50 Jello Shots in your team’s color
  • Will have a charging station!
  • Costume Contest: 11:00pm Best Dressed Team WIN Bar Tab & Reno infamy! 2nd, 3rd Place WIN Bar Tabs
  • Live DJ
  • Will drop lures all night!
  • 3rd Street Joe will be giving out free hugs all night! Always a crowd favorite!

5 Star Saloon at 132 W 2nd St

  • $3 Orange Island Adventure (Orange-Cream vodka w/ fruity, sweet & sour flavors)
  • $3 Angry O Apple Cider or Bud Light Draft
  • $5 Jello Syringe Shots
  • $8.50 Shot of Valor (Patron Silver w/ Cranberry & OJ)
  • $8.75 Mystic Cocktail (Bombay Sapphire Gin w/ Peach Schnapps, Pineapple, OJ & Blue Curacao)
  • $6.50 Instinct Cocktail (Absolut Citron w/ Orange-Flavored Liqueur and Lemon Juice)
  • $6.75 Team Rocket Cocktail (Jack Fire Whisky w/ Cranberry & Squeeze of Lime)
  • $5.25 Trainer Battle Shot (Tropical Triibe liquor w/ Ginger Ale & Cola)
  • 3 Charging Stations!
  • 11:30 PM Costume Contest: Most Creative Individual Costume WIN $35 Bar/Food Tab & Best Pokemon Group 4+ WIN VIP Bottle Service for 8
  • $5 Snack Shack: Cheese Chimichangas, Cheese Sticks & Chicken Strips, $3 Masa Fries, $10 Sampler Platter & more!

Brew Brothers inside the Eldorado at 345 N Virginia St

  • $3 The Mystic (vodka, lemonade)
  • $3 Blastoise Beer (Carano Extra)
  • $3 Berry Blue Jello Shots
  • Live DJs Audioboxx & DJ Montague
  • Food served until 8:30pm

Cal Neva 2nd Street Bar at 38 E 2nd St

  • $3 Fireball or Sailor Jerry & Cola
  • $3 Lagunitas IPA, Sam Adams, Fat Tire
  • $1.50 Bud and Bud Light
  • Live Karaoke & Pokéball Beer Pong!
  • Serving food!

Harrah’s Outdoor Plaza at 219 N Center St

  • $3 Monster Punch (flavored rum w/ assorted fruit juices)
  • $3 Blue Moon or Coors Light draft
  • Live Band: Spazmatics
  • Food trucks!

Hussong’s Cantina inside the Silver Legacy at 407 N Virginia St

  • $3 Pokéfico Beer (Pacifico)
  • $3 Jigglypuff drink (vodka, blue curacao, raspberry lemonade)
  • 10:30 Costume Contest: Best Male & Female Costume WIN Free Margarita Chalice!

Little Nugget at 233 N Virginia St

  • $3 Pokémon Punch (grenadine, sprite & vodka)
  • $3 High Sierra IPA
  • Will have a charging station!
  • 11:30 Costume Contest: Best Pokémon Costume WIN $50 bar tab!
  • Try their world famous Awful Awful burger!

Monolith Bar at 100 N Arlington Ave

  • $3 Hydro Pump Punch (Tangerine rum, citrus rum, blue curacao, pineapple, OJ, ginger ale)
  • $3 Firestone 805 Blonde Ale
  • $5 PBE (PBR & Evan Williams)
  • $5 M and T (Modelo & Tequila)
  • $6 PBF PBR & Fireball
  • $6 PBJs PBR & Jameson
  • Will have a charging station!
  • 11:00pm LARP Style Battle!  Bartender Rich Moore will dress up like Squirtle! WIN $30 bar tab & Manicure date with Rich if you are better at larping than he is!
  • Live DJs: Jakob & Yung MilkCrate

Novi inside the Eldorado at 345 N Virginia St

  • $3 Raichu’s Ruby (apple whiskey, cranberry)
  • $3 Bellsprouts Beer (pale ale)
  • $3 Fruit Punch Jello Shots
  • 12 midnight Costume Contest: Best Dressed Team Color WIN $100 to Red, $100 to Blue, $100 to Yellow
  • Live DJ Roni V

Our Bar at 211 W 1st St

  • $3 Fireball Shots
  • $3 Blue Moon & Coors Light
  • Serving food!

Pipeline Lounge inside the Sands Regency at 345 N Arlington Ave

  • $3 Red Bull Vodka
  • $3 All Drafts
  • Hungry? Try Mel’s Diner inside- open 24 hours

Pizza Reno at 26 W 2nd St

  • $3 Pikachu’s Electric Lemonade
  • $3 Pokéball Shots (first 150 get miniature Pikachu figurine!)
  • 11:00 Costume Contest: Best Male & Female Pokémon Costume WIN Gift Certificate
  • Food specials: $3 pizza slices, $6 personal pizza
  • Will have charging stations!

Rum Bullions inside the Silver Legacy at 407 N Virginia St

  • $3 Pikachu Punch (Pineapple Rum Punch)
  • $3 Bulbasaur’s Beer
  • $3 Lemon Jello Shots
  • Live Band: Flock of 80z & DJ Kronik

Sapphire Lounge inside Harrah’s at 219 N Center St

  • $3 Monster Punch (flavored rums w/ assorted fruit juices)
  • $3 assorted craft beers on tap
  • Live DJ!

Singer Social Club at 219 W 2nd St

  • $3 Orange Crush
  • $3 Bud Light
  • USB Charging Stations!
  • Live DJ!
  • Taco food truck!

Siri’s Casino at 241 N Virginia St

  • $3 Ponyta (Fireball & Frozen Hurricane)
  • $3 Poliwhirl (Blue Hawaiian & Pina Colada Frozen Daiquiri w/ vodka)
  • $3 Victreebel (Green Apple Daiquiri & Frozen Margarita w/ vodka)
  • $3 any frozen daiquiri combo with well vodka
  • $3 All Drafts
  • 50 cent wings, $4.95 cheeseburgers, $3.25 2 tacos + more!

The Jungle at 246 W 1st St

  • $3 Get Poked (vodka, melon, 7up)
  • $3 Deschutes
  • Will have 4 charging stations!
  • Costume contest: 12 midnight Best Male and Female Pokémon WIN $25 Gift Certificates
  • Serving food!
  • DJ Alfajor

*NEW BAR: The Rack at 111 N Virginia St

  • $3 Well Cocktails
  • $3 Blue Moon & Coors Light
  • Will have a charging station!
  • Costume Contest: 12:30pm Best Pokémon Costume WIN The Rack Swag Bag: Rack gear, iTunes gift card, vouchers, etc!
  • Live DJ!
  • Serves food!
  • Pokémon Bowling!
  • New bar & 1st time on a pub crawl! Check out their new additions!

The Stick at 95 N Sierra St

  • $3 Moscow Mules
  • $3 Blue Moon & Coors Light
  • Will have a charging station!
  • Serving food!
  • Live DJs!

The Waterfall at 134 W 2nd St

  • $3 Punch or Margaritas
  • $3 Sam Adams
  • $2 Kamikazees
  • $6 Tang Bangs
  • $8 Angry Balls
  • Will have a charging station!
  • Costume Contest: 1am Best Group Outfit (3 + people) WIN Tahoe Blue Gift Bag
  • Live DJ!

Tonic Lounge at 231 W 2nd St

  • $3 Poké Shooter
  • $3 Bud Bottle
  • $6 Tang Bang
  • $6 Vodka w/ Energy Drink
  • $6 Jager Bomb
  • Huge lineup of DJs!
  • Pokémon GoGo Dancers!
  • charging station!

Party in the Crawl Capital!


With more than 70 bars, restaurants and nightclubs within walking distance, downtown Reno has established itself as the undisputed bar crawl capital! We’ve got world-class hotel casinos like the Silver Legacy, Eldorado, Circus Circus, Harrah’s and the Sands Regency, where you can experience gaming and shows and several amazing nightclubs where you can dance the night away! At the start of your evening out, you can enjoy a scenic walk along our beautiful river-walk on both sides of the Truckee River. On top of all that, we have the most fun, quirky and welcoming citizenry who party like no one else. And did we mention there’s NO LAST CALL! That’s right, we party until the sun comes up.