Think about your favorite character in any sci-fi movie, TV show, video game, or comic. The Epic Crawl is the perfect event to dress up as them for a night! 

Dress up as:
• a Jedi or a Sith Lord (remember to purchase a souvenir Epic Crawl lightsaber online to complete your costume)
• Any of the Avengers like Iron Man, Thor, Flash, or Captain America
• Wonder Woman
• Game of Thrones characters
• Paint yourself blue and become an Avatar for the night.

The possibilities are endless, but depend on you and your creativity to be whatever you want to be!
If you’re not set on your favorite sci-fi character, no worries, just dress with futuristic style.
• An alien costume is easy to make and fun to wear!
• A werewolf or any creature of that liking.
• An astronaut
• Or, simply apply some shiny futuristic makeup and head out for your epic night.

Think “out of this world” and I’m sure plenty of ideas will come to mind. Also, there will be costume contests going on at several bars with specific themes. The more creative, the more likely you are to win some awesome prizes! For more visual ideas, visit the Crawl Reno Pinterest. Can’t wait to see all the amazing costumes this Saturday!