The Pajama Crawl is coming up, and you know what that means… You get to rage while wearing your favorite PJs out to all the bars, and no one can judge you. I dove into the archives of last year’s Pajama Crawl, and found some of my favorites to share with you all.



I never thought Batman, Robin and the Cookie Monster would make a dynamic trio, but then again, anything is possible in Reno during the Pajama Crawl. **Note for the ladies: If you’ve got a PJ shirt/dress you are just dying to show off at this year’s Pajama Crawl, but you’re not trying to give everyone a free show, pair it with some leggings like this smart lady did!**


A Pajama Crawl wouldn’t be complete without at least one person rocking a pair of piggy slippers and matching pink robe. This robe is definitely couture, one of a kind. You can probably find a similar knock-off from stores like Junkee.


The higher the hair, the closer to heaven right? Matching the curlers and the robe is a definite must do if you’re going to go with this sassy combo.


‘Merica. Enough said.


It’s fitting that a Pajama Crawl would have some throwbacks to the ’90s glory days. Everything ’90s has a onesie if you look hard enough.


Meow! Who said you can’t put a sexy twist on the classic onesie look? Pair a basic onesie with a bold bra, and badabing, badaboom, you are now a onesie sex kitten. Bonus points if you are a guy going for the bra and onesie look.


Matching robes, camo, and drinks in hand. You know these guys are taking the best “candid” Instagram pics while having the time of their lives.


“Fries before guys” So much yes. I can stand behind this statement.

Don’t forget to take a look at all of the stores you can buy costumes from here.

– The Intern