People everywhere are prepping for the big day, October 24, when hundreds line up to do a flash-mob style dance of Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller Dance under the Reno Arch. Since everyone’s learning and teaching and practicing to get it right, we want to make sure everyone is doing the same version! For the official dance on October 24, we use choreography from Thrill The World– they’ve got tons of awesome resources like Thriller Dance Scripts, Audio Tracks that are slowed down or include cues and tons of instructional videos that break down all the moves for you. We use TTW’s materials for our classes and use their audio track for our event as well. IMPORTANT: We will be doing the 3 min version of the dance under the arch, and will be doing it according to the TTW dance script and audio track above. Please make sure you are learning/teaching this version. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Crawl Reno’s Official Practices:

  • Where: Heart & Sole Dance Academy at 5655 Riggins Ct Reno
  • When: Thursdays at 7:15pm and Saturdays at 4pm October 22nd
  • Cost: FREE!

More info on the Thriller Under the Arch here.