Perhaps you’re here, looking to see what the kids are getting into these days. Or you could be here because you’re afraid of accidentally twinning with someone. Either way, we’re here to tell you the most common universe’s worn at fandom conventions.

If you’re looking for something unique, we can steer you away from costumes included below. But if you’re stumped on a costume or this might not be your thing, these could be great starting points. After all, a similar costume idea is always a great conversation starter, right?
5. Superhero’s
With thousands of comic’s to choose from, and Marvel or DC releasing new films every year it seems, this makes sense. Everyone has at least one superhero they love. Many of ’em never get old, some of them get a revamped style. Either way it’s a oldie but goodie decision.
4. Game of Thrones
With Game of Thrones taking the world by storm, fans are sure to rush to GOT cosplay in 2018. A full year stands in the way of this fandom and the series’ finale. You can expect Jon Snows, Mothers of Dragons, and Ice Kings to roam the streets as they await this epic’s conclusion.
3. Pokémon
This one might fall on us. PokéCrawl has been a success in past years, in partial thanks to the huge comeback with PokémonGo. Since PokéCrawl already provides a costume for Epic Crawl, we tend to see people douple dip costumes. The advantage here? There’s as many Pokémon to choose from as superhero’s. If you really do you’re research, you can still pick a distinctive character.
2. Star Wars
Honestly, do you even think Epic Crawl without thinking of a lightsaber? Seriously, there’s a reason everyone carries them regardless of how they dress. But if you think you’re going to show up to this crawl in ANYTHING Star Wars and think you’ll be the only one, you’re wrong.
1. The Joker & Harley Quinn
While they’re actually villains, we’re separating them from superheros for a different reason. The Joker & Harley Quinn might be one of the most iconic and infamous couples ever. Everyone wants to dress as one of them once, at least. More power to ya if you can create a unique variation of their looks, but be sure to stay clear if you want to stand out!

We hope you guys are getting excited for the 2018 Epic Crawl! We sure are! More details will be coming soon so hang in there! Check in with us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest information.