It seems that no matter how old you get, you still can’t seem to master the “getting home from a night out” thing like a pro. It happens to everyone. With all the fun and drink deals on crawl nights, it’s hard to trust your will power. To make sure you don’t find yourself in a pickle (or worse) we’re giving you some options to think about before your next crawl!

5. Leave Your Car at Home


It’s quite a simple concept, isn’t it? This solves your problems from the start. While it’s not a well thought out plan, bottomline is you can’t drive a car that’s not there. It gets rid of the temptation of being so close to home or telling yourself “you’re fine.” Something else to think about is all the other people that will say they’re fine. You have no way of knowing if they’ve had a couple too many. So, look out for everyone from the start and ditch the wheels.

4.Get a Hotel Room


You’re thinking that this is a waste of money if you’re a local. But with 30% off discount codes for Circus Circus, El Dorado, and Silver Legacy, it’s an idea to consider. No one has to opt out of drinking and you’re always within walking distance of “home for the night.” Realistically, the money spent on your room could be the money you spend on a cab or Lyft home, if you hit a pesky surge time. And if you can find a group of four, your cost has decreased, making this a completely viable option for crawl night.
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3. Lyft/Cab


Two great options! They’re the easiest options but also the most common. Surge charges are typical when calling cars from an app, especially on weekends. If you add in a Crawl Reno event, you can expect surge’s at some point in the night. However, these are still avoidable. Get out to the crawl early, and you avoid risking a surge charge before you make it out. Keep an eye out on the app if you’re getting ready to leave to make sure you avoid extra costs. Cabs have a huge presence in Downtown Reno as well. You can usually call one from the street, but as the bar’s get busier, they’re harder to find. Take down a taxi company’s number before you head out for the night. It will save you some time and confusion.
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2. Find a Designated Driver


Friends that offer to sit out on a night of drinking in the best interest of the group are what we all look for. While sometimes it sucks to sit out, it is the safest way to do a crawl. You can still laugh and have fun with your friends. You can also look out for your friends and make sure that one too many drinks doesn’t lead to any bad decisions. If a friend is kind enough to offer this up, appreciate them! People aren’t always willing and things always get a little tense when you have to choose or vote.

1. Be the Designated Driver


You read it right. That doesn’t mean that you must always be the designated driver when you and your friends are without. But if you haven’t DD’ed in a while, crawl night is a great way to return the favor. If you think about it, you can still come out a winner. Crawl night has no cover charges guaranteed for participating bars. If you still buy a crawl cup, you can ask for a designated driver wristband on crawl night. This let’s every bar know you’re driving, so they should take care of you. It’s the least they can do since you’re taking care of your friends. Soft drinks are free all night with a cup and bracelet.
Look for other specials from crawl bars as we get closer to Leprechaun Crawl 2018! We’ll see you there March 17th. Reserve your cups here today!