Let’s face it, we don’t all have the funds for the baddest and boujee-ist costume at every crawl. If you’re looking for a way to make an impression without making a dent in your wallet, here’s 5 simple ways to save some money.

1. Look at What You Have
Your closet can be your best friend when coming up for a costume. Especially for all you hoarders that can’t throw old clothes away. All those fashion mistakes you made a couple years back can still turn out some good. They might be the silly accessory you need to complete your look.
2. Thrift Shop
People thrift shop for everyday clothes, so why not for a costume? Now you understand that crazy corner in your favorite thrift store a little more, huh? Good. It will be your best friend.
3. Makeup
If you’re in a bind, makeup is literally the only thing you need. A simple face design or maybe even a little color is all you need to get into the spirit of a bar crawl! For example, if you can’t find a costume pre-Leprechaun Crawl, a painted four leaf clover will have you ready to party.
4. Find a Staple Item
Staple items can make or break a costume. For example, you couldn’t dress as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz without the ruby slippers. While every costume is different, sometimes all you need for a costume is a staple item. Realistically, all you need for the Santa Crawl is a red and white hat!
5. Find a Modern/Day-to-Day Twist
Finding a modern twist on a costume can prove challenging. However, for some simple costumes, they’re clothes are just everyday clothes. If you wanted to dress as Dopey (above), it is as easy as wearing a green shirt with jeans. No need to get super into details when you can double your look as a costume and everyday fashion!
If you’re still looking for some inspiration, take a look at our Pinterest page! We have a board for every crawl and keep them as up to date as possible before every event. We’ll see you and your fantastic costumes at the next Crawl Reno event!