You’ve got 2 different locations to start the 2020 Reno Onesie Crawl and you can buy cups at both of them 7-11pm on crawl night!


Located at 100 N Arlington Avenue at the south side of Arlington Towers

Hookava is one of the most recognizable new bars in downtown Reno. Through its massive wall of windows opening up to 1st Street on the corner of Arlington Towers, you can see all the action inside like the beautiful glowing lights hanging from the ceiling to the comfortable couches stretched across the downstairs lounge. An excellent spot for meetups, Hookava is a great place to chill with friends any time of the week.

Siri’s Casino

Located at 241 N Virginia St by the Reno Arch!

Siris is many things. Located right in the heart of downtown Reno by the historic Reno Arch, it’s a bar, it’s a diner, it’s a casino and it has an entire wall of adult slushie machines! From their burgers to steak dinners, everything Siri’s serves is tasty & filling at about half the cost you’d expect! Siri’s is a fantastic spot to grab a drink with friends while you watch a game on one of their massive TVs or try out one of their many frozen cocktails.