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Dearest crawlers! Or, crawlies? Crawl Brigade? We really need to come up with a name for you guys. ANYWAY, we know that you’ve all been wondering what kind of hi-jinks we might have planned for you in the upcoming year, and OH MY GOODNESS do we EVER!

2016 will be known as a milestone year for Crawl Reno, and we’ve got LOTS of unexpected twists coming up. We’ve let some events go, we’ve crafted some new ones, and we’ve changed how a lot of them are run. Will you notice the changes? The calendar changes you obviously will. Other things might not end up so noticeable, with the exception of our usual trend of putting on better events year after year.

Before we draw back the curtain, we’d first like to thank you for your support. We couldn’t do this without you running out and collecting our cups, putting together all the wacky and adorable costumes you wear and coming out to party with us every year! We love what we do because of you, and we love you. And now, without further ado, check out what we’ve been putting together for you guys.


  1. F*ck V-Day. First, we aren’t putting on a Valentine’s event this year. After 8 years of Valentine’s crawls we’ve learned one thing: that holiday is kind of crappy for crawls. Single people don’t mind crawling but all the couples want to make reservations at a fancy restaurant, try not to fight and then get home sober enough to engage in some good old fashioned obligatory sex. We’re going to leave you to it.
  2. New Crawl! Instead of a Valentine’s Crawl, we’re introducing the ALL NEW Mardi Crawl on the first Saturday in February! Oh yes. The annual festival where everyone tries to squeeze in all their last minute sinning before giving up everything for Lent is the PERFECT occasion to crawl! More on that in a moment.
  3. New Calendar. That means that our Pajama Crawl is moving to warmer times, where there may be more, uh, options for what kind of undies everyone wants to wear out! 🙂
  4. No, sferatu. The Vampire Crawl is crawling back into its coffin until enough people forget about Twilight that vampires become cool again. We won’t be putting it on this year but it’s not dead. Just, hibernating.
  5. Separation of Anxiety. No more having to decide if running and crawling seem like a bit much. Our fun runs are going to be put on different dates than our crawls. No more of that “two events in one day” business. The No-Brainer will get a mid-year date so people can get excited for zombies TWICE!
  6. New dates: the Pajama crawl is moving to June as we already mentioned but the Steampunk Crawl and Pirate Crawl are both moving as well. We’re hoping that both stay in their new dates for many years to come.
  7. We’re Expecting! We’re considering giving birth to a new Sci-Fi/Fantasy crawl, but we need you to name it. More on that below.

2016 Proposed Event Dates

Please let us know if you are aware of any calendar conflicts! Here’s the calendar we’re currently planning to utilize: (*corrected dates)

  • Saturday January 30th: Mardi Crawl
  • Saturday March 5th: Sparks Shamrock Shuffle
  • Saturday March 12th: Leprechaun Crawl
  • Saturday April 30th: Pajama Crawl
  • Saturday May 21st: Epic Crawl/Lightsaber Battle
  • Saturday June 11th: Arch Rivals Superhero Run
  • Saturday August 13th: Pirate Crawl
  • Saturday October 1st: No-Brainer Zombie Run
  • Saturday October 22nd: Zombie Crawl and Thriller under the Arch
  • Saturday November 19th: Steampunk Tavern Stroll
  • Saturday December 17th: Santa Dash

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