Looking for Photos? Head over to Facebook to check out our 2015 Reno Zombie Crawl gallery and tag yourself and your friends!

We’ve been combing through over 1,500 amazing photos from last Saturday, we’ve awarded the winners of the #ZOMBACARDI selfie hunt and we’re now able to give a recap.

Happy Nevada Day (yesterday), Happy Halloween and thanks for coming out to the 2015 Reno Zombie Crawl!

I’m assuming you came out because damn near everyone in the western United States seemed out that night- we couldn’t believe it!


We took a year off from organizing the No-Brainer so that we could create the kind of event we were looking for and that was well worth it. This year we created a new, super spooky route and we added some theatrical affects that the run needed.

First, we got rid of the Zombies vs Humans theme and made it an ALL-ZOMBIE run! That was the best thing we could have ever done. Everybody does the “run from zombies” thing- we’re the only ALL-ZOMBIE run and that was awesome.

Second, we staged over a hundred zombies chasing a human down Virginia Street. The pictures are awesome. The crowd loved it. Next year will surely be much, much bigger.


Holy sh*t, Reno. Great job. There were probably twice as many dancers this year. There were thousands of people watching. The Heart and Sole Dance Academy put on another amazing show while we waited to stage everyone, and our DJ kept the crowd stoked. Harrah’s plaza was full of food trucks, an awesome zombie photo booth, our cup sellers and tons and tons of zombies.

When the time came to top it all off with Thriller, the crowd was electrified. I’ve never been so blown away. Once it was over and the crawl began it was already obvious that there were more people downtown than I’ve ever seen.


This is where it gets even better. We had 51 different bars with over 100 specials and tons of amazing different mini-events and attractions all over downtown. Whether it was the Slaughterhouse haunted house at Aces Ballpark, or the free concert at Cargo featuring a McDonald’s-themed Black Sabbath cover band, or the zombie silent disco at Mellow Fellow, downtown was full of action.

We sold out. You know those awesome glow in the dark cups we had so many of? We literally ran out of them and we thought there was no way we would. You took every single one off our cold dead hands.

Here’s the best part- it was almost incident-free! Around 20,000 people came to downtown Reno to party all night and nearly nothing bad happened! The City released a statement that the event went awesome, our rate of bars passing the compliance checks was an all-time high for us and we keep getting emails, Facebook messages and even one hand-written letter in perfect script written on custom stationary in a wax-sealed envelope stating that the event was safe, well-organized and that our volunteers were very courteous!!!

God damn, Reno. We couldn’t have been happier. It doesn’t get much better.

More photos, more recaps and a world of thanks coming next week when we’re back in the CrawlReno office next week! THANK YOU to everyone involved in the event and everyone who came out!