Want to win $500 in cash and prizes on the night of the Pirate Crawl?

Yes, you do.

This year we’re doing something really fun with the Pirate Crawl (coming September 19th!) and hosting a scavenger hunt where you can win BIG!

Even better than having a scavenger hunt on crawl night, you can start collecting items NOW! You don’t have to wait because our scavenger hunt has already started!

What is the prize?

  • $300 Cash!
  • Dinner for 2 at Pearl inside Silver Legacy!
  • FREE ADMISSION TO THE 2015 Reno Zombie Crawl

How does it work?

  1. Purchase your own (if you haven’t) Pirate Crawl cup and map.
  2. Print your name in the box to the left
  3. Visit all of our Pirate Crawl locations to collect “coins” from Monday, August 24th to crawl night. In order to collect, show your map (with your name printed on it) to the bartender and ask for your Pirate Crawl coin. (only one coin per location)
  4. Keep an eye out for chances to win “wild” coins that increase your chances to win! (Maximum of 5 wild coins per entry!) We will announce chances to win wild coins on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. ****WILD COINS NOW AVAILABLE AT: Junkee Clothing Exchange, Chocolate Walrus & Melting Pot World Emporium. Grab them now!
  5. Bring your map and coins to Rum Bullions at the Silver Legacy on crawl night. A winner will be picked at 1am.
  6. You must be present at 1am to win!

Now don’t wait- go get your pirate crawl cup and map and start collecting coins!