If you’ve been to a crawl before, you know how tough it can be to hit all the bars you want to. We decided to give you guys a rundown of what’s going down at Mardi Crawl 2018 so you can decide what’s best for you. With so much going on, we want to ensure you have the time of your life, and know the specials best for you. Here’s our bar line-up, we know we have something for you!


1. ThirdStreet Bar

Where: 125 W 3rd St.

Highlights: Most Outrageous Costume Contest (11 pm)

Known for their live musical and comedy acts, ThirdStreet Bar will have music all night. There will be a dance floor open to crawlers as well as specials on John Daley’s and Killian’s Irish Red. Don’t miss their Most Outrageous Costume Contest for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes of bar tabs or a bottle!


2. 5 Star Saloon

Where: 132 W 2nd St.

5 drink specials for 5 Star Saloon! A Reno favorite for karaoke is showcasing some of its other amazing features. Their unique dance floor, cage, and dancing poles are sure to leave you with a memorable night!


$7.75 5 Star Hurricane

$6.50 Flaming Heart Cocktail, Pink Lemonade Vodka with Cranberry

$4 Bayou Lemonade, Angry Orchard, Bud Light

3. El Jefe’s Cantina

Where: Inside Circus Circus Reno

As one of the only bars featuring Fat Tuesday drinks on their specials, El Jefe’s is a must. This delicious frozen cocktail will have you thinking you’re walking Bourbon Street.
$5 Jello Shots, Bud Light, Coors Light

$4 Martes Gordo (Fat Tuesday)


4. Brew Brothers

Where: Inside Eldorado Resort Casino

As one of Reno’s most popular local spots, Brew Brothers seldom disappoints. They’re menu will be available all night in addition to their festive drinks. Be sure to dance some of your night away here before moving to your next bar!
$5 Jello Shots

$4 Carnival Punch, Bad Juju Brew


5. FacesNV

Where: 235 W 2nd St.

Highlights: Bare Chest Contest for Male & Female (1130 pm)
Bead Throwing (Midnight)
FacesNV will offer Mardi Gras Makeup Stations from 6-9 pm on Crawl Night if you still need a costume. They’ll also team up with Headquarters Bar to throw out beads at midnight! But we know you’re most excited for the Bare Chest Contest… Ladies beware: pasties required.
$7 Tang Bang
$5 Lagunitas

$4 Faces Rum Punch, Coors Light, Modelo


6. Sapphire Lounge

Where: Inside Harrah’s Reno

Fixing for a nice brew? Sapphire has a couple deals for you, including a beer finally on draft! If you’re in need of something lighter, they’re serving traditional hurricanes all night.
$5 Firestone 805 draft

$4 Hurricanes, Tecate can

7. Headquarters Bar

Where: 219 W 2nd St.

Highlights: Late Night Cup Sales
Most Beads Wins $50 Bar Tab (2 am)
Headquarters is where it all kicks off with the foot parade! There will be stilt walkers and food vendors in the parking lot as you crawl. They will also be selling Late Night Crawl Cups for all you last minute planners. If you have some friends that didn’t buy cups, make sure to let them know it’s never too late!
$5 Tequila Carnival Punch, 2 Jello Shots
$4 Rum Hurricane, Modelo, Blue Moon,
$4 Red-Headed Slut Shots

$3 Jello Shots


8. Imperial Bar & Lounge

Where: 150 N Arlington Ave

Highlights: Specialty Beads

Imperial’s infamous menu will be available throughout the crawl. With a strict no smoking policy, Imperial offers one of the largest food selections of the night. And for all you Tito’s lover’s, there will be $5 specials on the vodka for the night!


$5 Tito’s

$4 Daiquiries, Shiner Bock

$3 Kamikaze


9. The Library

Where: 134 W 2nd St.

Highlights: Best Mardi Crawl Costume (1230 am)
The Library can make any visitor feel special with the available VIP rooms. With 7 drink specials, you have the perfect excuse to enter in the Best Mardi Crawl Costume. The winning prize? A bottle of Tahoe Blue Vodka! The Library’s name might be deceiving because it will be anything but quiet on Mardi Crawl 2018.
$8 Angry Balls
$6 Tang Bang
$5 Margarita
$4 Fireball
$3 Punch, Sam Adams

$2 Kamikaze



10. Pizza Reno

Where: 26 W 2nd St.

Highlights: Bourbon Street Flash Contest (130 am)
First 500 Crawlers Receive Limited Edition Rubber Duckies
Specialty Beads
As a tradition crawlers look forward to, there will be more ducks this year. Pizza Reno is also featuring the most drink specials this year with a whopping 8! Stop by to enter yourself for the Bourbon Street Flashing contest! Winner’s receive Victoria Secret Gift Cards. No pasties required here!
$5.50 Blue Hurricanes, Mardi Gras Mule
$4.50 Fireball Shots
$4 Red Roosters, Blue Moon Draft

$3.75 Bayou Shots, Cajun Shots, Kamikaze Shots


11. Rum Billions

Where: Inside Silver Legacy Resort & Casino

Rum-guzzlers, welcome home! Rum Billions is the only rum bar found not only in the Mardi Crawl, but in Reno alone. They’ve introduced whisky and vodka specials for those of you lacking the liver of a pirate.
$4 Bud Light, Coors Light

$4 The Armadillo, Red Snappers


12. Siri’s Casino

Where: 241 N Virginia St.

Siri was thinking of the gambler in you when joining the crawl lineup. It’s sure to be a crazy night with jello shot syringes to pass around amongst friends. Come by, play some machines and enjoy a meal before your next boozy bar visit.
$3 Daiquiri with Any Well Shot
$3 Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

$3 Jello Shot Syringes


13. The Stick

Where: 95 N Sierra St.

Reno’s top sports bar forgets its roots for the night for the most fun night of the month. The Stick is always a popular stop with a dance floor upstairs and their menu served downstairs.
$5 Hurricanes
$4 Sexy Alligators, Angry Orchards

$3 Fireball Shots


14. Tonic Lounge

Where: 231 W 2nd St.

Highlights: Go-Go Dancers
If you’ve ever danced your heart out at Tonic, you know how fun the vibe is. With go-go dancers joining the fun this year, don’t miss out on the great DJ’s and various cocktail specials.
$6 Tang Bangs, Jager Bombs, Orange Julius’, Vodka & Energy Drink

$3 Bud Bottle, Sex on the Beach Shots


15. West 2nd St Bar

Where: 118 W 2nd St.

Highlights: Karaoke All Night
If you love to sing, but no one likes listening to you, this is your chance. West 2nd St will have karaoke all night. The difference between crawl karaoke and regular karaoke? Everyone will be drunk enough to think you’re a star, not just your mom!
$4 Well Drinks

$4 Hamm’s & Rolling Rock

We can’t wait to see you guys out tomorrow night! For all other Mardi Crawl information, click here.

Happy Crawling!