With the 2018 Leprechaun Crawl around the corner, we wanted to give you guys some ideas on what to wear for the lucky day. While everyone’s budget is different, green is a must. Have you ever been in a bar full of people trying to pinch you after they’ve had a few? Sounds like our idea of a nightmare. So here are some ideas for the little leprechaun in you and some to at least save you from festive pinchers.
10. Party Shirt

St. Patrick's Day Men's Leprechaun Short Sleeve Suit Costume Tee - Small, Green

What says “I’m ready to party,” like a classic themed T-shirt. It’s effortless and can make an easy dress for the ladies. Be careful if you go for the latter look! No need to show your “pot of gold” to fellow leprechauns, unless that’s your thing (wink, wink).

9. Pot of Gold
 Original Pot O’ Gold Costume ... This website is the Pinterest of costumes
No, not that pot of gold. An actual pot of gold. Want to stand out from the crowd? This is the costume for you. In a sea full of green, you’ll be sure to stand out as you’ll be what everyone is looking for. For a great couple or duo costume, ask a friend to dress as a rainbow.
8. Leprechaun Suit (DUH)
If you’re unaware, leprechauns are mischievous little Irish fairies. They’re known for their red beards, pointy ears and green suits. You can’t go wrong with an all green get up, or at least a green overcoat. If you throw some gold buckles on black shoes, you’ve transformed yourself into a mystical Irish friend.
7. Steampunk Leprechaun
You’ve got all the gear from past Steampunk Strolls, and don’t feel like buying another outfit for a crawl. We get it. Here’s your chance to combine two fun looks, that surprisingly work. Take a look at this inspiration.
6. Hair Dye or Wigs
If you’re looking for a new bold color, what better excuse than a crawl to dive into a new hairstyle? While upkeep for green hair can be exhausting, wig or color hairspray are also great options. Wigs are making a comeback in the social realm, so go crazy with a new emerald do for the night!

5. Paper Goods
Leprechaun Beard for St. Patrick's Day! This is hilarious!!  
For all you DIY masters out there, here’s a challenge. Make your own ginger beard for the crawl. Beware of spilt beer though, a soggy beard is no fun. These leprechaun ears seem more practical, given drinking is your main focus on crawl night.
Leprechaun Ears Pattern 
4. Hats and Headbands
Headwear is such an easy way to accessorize at a themed outing. Whether it lights up, has a funny saying, or plays a recording, you’re guaranteed a moment in the spotlight.
Added Bonus: Leprechaun hats with red beards attached can save you the hassle of a beard if DIY isn’t your thing.
3. Suspenders
Want to feel classy while getting into the Irish spirit? Suspenders are your best bet for looking snazzy as a leprechaun. Head over to your favorite party store for this lucky look.
2. Pins and Stickers
Surprised we didn’t save this for last? Trust us, you can still do less if you want. But this is the quick fix for any St. Patty’s Day scrooges out there. If you’re friend came unprepared, they’re always festive to pass out as you crawl.
1. Crawl Cups
If you find yourself in a real pinch for time, the crawl cups are always a safe bet for a little green in your costume. After all, we all come together for green beer and the luck of the Irish, right? You can’t go wrong with a green hued brew.

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